Papermaking, the hottest leading stock in the indu

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Paper making of industry leading stock

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usage and operation method of daily three minute friction and wear testing machine clock, understand the leading stocks in various industries of the stock market that are most worthy of medium and long-term value investment, and avoid junk stocks

many shareholders often believe that the lower the P/E ratio of a stock, the better. All standards will be issued before the deadline set by the State Council on June 1

personally, I don't think so

the average p/E ratio of the industry in which the stock is located should be observed

according to my statistics, the price trend of stocks whose P/E ratio is generally at the level of the average p/E ratio of the whole industry is often better

it is not known to the public that the lower the P/E ratio, the more worthwhile the investment. Because most springs are used in machinery and vehicles, the higher the P/E ratio, the worse

take the paper industry as an example

the average p/E ratio of the paper industry is around 53, and Songyang resources is the closest to this average

combined with the turnover rate, stock price and K-line trend, it is finally determined that the stocks in the paper industry sector that are most worthy to be tested in the wave band or in the medium term are Songyang resources, Jinghua laser, Xianhe shares, Zhongshun jierou, Rongsheng environmental protection and Yibin Paper

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