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The RCL tester produced by fluke company makes your electrical component testing more convenient. As long as you connect the tested component or device with the test instrument, you can get all the information you need through the large screen display in one second

you can get the main component parameters through the basic accuracy of 0.05% and the equivalent circuit diagram

of course, you can manually select specific component parameters, including series and parallel barrier resistance, capacitance, inductance or characteristic impedance, phase angle, dissipation coefficient and quality factor. An optional internal DC bias voltage can be used to test electrolytic capacitors, PN junctions and other devices that need this test voltage

select the most practical and economical test instrument model according to needs


pm6306 is the most versatile RCL tester, which can be tested with a frequency of up to 1MHz. The AC and DC test voltage can be adjusted. In addition, it has built-in contact inspection function to ensure the best connection. Through these functions, you can process the discrete test work of test data of various components under real test conditions


if you need a test instrument with remote program control function, we recommend pm6304 to you. It has a basic accuracy of 0.1%, and it can even test components or instruments with an accuracy of 0.05%. It is this high accuracy that makes the pm6304c suitable for calibrating the capacitor output function of fluke's 5500a multi product calibrator


the fast and easy to operate pm6303a can be used as an incoming quality inspection instrument for various components in the factory, and can also quickly test a variety of components for the service center. Its convenient operation and basic accuracy of 0.25% are also applicable to classrooms and training places


optional RS-2 then converts this kind of pressure into kinetic energy of jet mixing through a special nozzle. 32 and IEEE-488 interfaces help you connect pm6306 and pm6304 to PC and automatically carry out incoming inspection and quality confirmation of components. In addition, it can also carry out non unpacking calibration and component box test through initialization programming. With the help of componentview software, you can test a batch of components. Use the existing setting file to set the instrument, automatically select the data, observe the selected data in the form of charts, and then archive them for future reference. This series of work can be completed by a few simple mouse or keyboard operations in the window environment

simple SMD test

the work of testing surface packaged devices is challenging due to factors such as size, no pins and tiny marks. These factors make it particularly important to control SMD quality through testing and prevent overload. Fluke has designed unique accessories for SMD testing, which can test the characteristics of these devices quickly, simply and accurately. All you need to do is put the components on the fixed bracket or clamp them with SMD tweezers

pm6306 and pm6304: multiple component tests

· easy to operate, Fast display

· frequency test range from 50Hz to 1MHz (pm6304 can reach 100kHz)

· 0.1% basic accuracy (pm6304c can reach 0.05%)

· RS-232 and IEEE-488 interfaces

· AC test voltage from 50mV to 2Vrms

· DC voltage test (optional)

· internal or external bias voltage

· 9 front panel presets

· actual component test voltage/current readback

· automatic zero point adjustment

· contact inspection and deviation mode (pm6306 only)

· the front panel test column can be directly tested with 4 wires

pm6306 and pm6304 have remote control function, excellent component testing ability, simple operation, and only need to connect the component to the instrument or fixed support, The main and secondary component parameters and equivalent circuit diagrams can be obtained immediately through the LCD large screen display. The wide range of test frequency and voltage makes them the most ideal RCL test instrument. The available options include RS-232, IEEE paper products once again becoming the candidate 488 interface (the interface is the standard configuration of pm6306), DC test element interface and windows test software. In addition, there are powerful element test functions and inspection facilities, which can also be used as tensile or compressive, zigzag, shear test facilities for non-metallic materials such as plastic, concrete, cement, etc. one by one, it can meet various applications from the development laboratory to the production line

computer aided component testing

rs232, IEEE-488 interface and componentview software enable pm6306 and pm6304 to be used as economic test instruments in the factory's fully automatic incoming quality inspection and quality control center. With the IEEE-488 interface, the RCL tester can become the center of an automatic measurement environment that performs 10 measurements per second. When equipped with RS-232 interface, RCL tester can also form an independent system through computer control simply and economically for incoming quality inspection of components or components. Through componentview software, you can call the instrument setting parameters from the storage file

now, you can use the software in Windows environment to collect data while conducting component testing. These data can be archived, and can also be used to analyze the pass and fail conditions; Or make visual analysis after drawing on the screen. In addition, they can also be exported in standard Microsoft

excel format for charts or SQC packages you are familiar with

component characteristics under different conditions can be easily tested by scanning. As long as the required frequency or voltage range is selected, componentview software will measure them in turn

component classification

the component classification function will set the components to 10 categories at most according to the given deviation. When the components are connected with the test support, the classification number will be displayed. The optional processing interface can provide lighting drive for the indicator light of the correct classification box, or pass or fail indication. An external test trigger input can further speed up the classification process

more measurement functions

pm6306 and pm6304 have the test frequency you need, and their wide frequency selection range is unmatched by similar products. They test primary power components, such as transformers and filter capacitors. These instruments have 50 and 60Hz test frequencies and accompanying 100 and 120Hz ripple frequencies. In the range of 100Hz to 20KHz

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