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Marketing gimmicks vs steady fighting against disputes over national instruments four times

Abstract: to some extent, as the core embodiment of the soft power of scientific research, the level of instrument manufacturing technology plays a mainstay role in reshaping the scientific research framework, ranging from aerospace instruments, bioengineering, environmental protection construction, to intelligence, sensor appliances, transportation equipment, all of which are linked to the "quality" of instruments

on June 28, the preliminary review results of the 2017 annual science and technology award were announced, and 41 honorary awards were gathered in the instrument industry. To some extent, as the core embodiment of the soft power of scientific research, the level of instrument manufacturing technology plays a mainstay role in reshaping the scientific research framework, ranging from aerospace instruments, bioengineering, environmental protection construction, to intelligence, sensing appliances, and transportation equipment, all of which are linked to the "quality" of instruments. The technological innovation of instrument industry is regarded as the technological basis of economic growth in the new era

according to public data, the profit of national industrial enterprises in the first five months reached 2904.76 billion yuan, an increase of 22.7% year-on-year. Among them, the total profit of instrument manufacturing industry was 30.74 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 36.5%. The instrument is compared as "a product of high technology and belongs to the field of high technology" in the industry. It plays a key engine role in the growth of national GDP. During the "13th five year plan" period, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform accelerated, major disruptive technologies continued to emerge, the "inflection point" of industrial development began to appear, the world economic structure and competition pattern accelerated reconstruction, and the nation rose. However, assuming that the problem of parts appeared in the process of equipment measurement, more expectations were placed on this industry full of possibilities and strong afterforce

marketing gimmicks have become increasingly prominent

for a long time, the instrument industry is poised to take off, the industrial development has reached a turning point, domestic instruments have wings to take off, comparable to the international leading level, the growing rise of domestic instruments and other praise have made this sunrise industry more attractive, but there are hidden worries under prosperity. The lack of high-end core technology, the "over packaging" of brands, the dense clustering of low-end products, unreasonable marketing and promotion, and unscientific after-sales guidance frequently make domestic instruments inferior in the procurement market, so the industry is questioned

domestic instruments, as the foundation of scientific research and development, are one of the "platitudes" topics, and the voice of the market once again makes domestic instruments wake up and think deeply. At the edge of "low-end vortex", it has been surrounded by low-end product lines for a long time; Lack of funds for independent innovation of scientific instruments; The conversion rate of R & D achievements is low, and innovative technologies are placed in the "black box"; It is obvious to all that the application guidance is not professional, and the result is that it is always difficult for domestic scientific instruments to make great progress, and the sustainable development of the industry is difficult. With the advance of time and the deduction of the market, it will be the same in terms of product quality, sales and market share that enterprises pay more attention to

how to improve the market competitiveness of the brand and how to achieve the double harvest of corporate social sense shaping and performance profit are the primary issues for the participants in the whole instrument industry chain. How can manufacturers develop new products that the market likes, how can dealers build a perfect sales network, and how can agents choose appropriate brand products. From another perspective, we may understand that companionship is the longest emotional confession, and the instrument is also emotional. If you treat her as yourself or better than yourself, she will be able to give you satisfactory results, so that you can guard that firmness more. The best proof is the remarkable achievements made by famous enterprises such as semefi, Shimadzu, bitech, Agilent and antonpa who have been in the Chinese market for decades. However, the favor and trust of many big players in the market are far more than this, and strength is the final ticket. The instrument industry, which is waiting for the market to open and stupid to inspect whether the hydraulic oil has deteriorated or defiled due to operation, is about to join, competing for strength, capital and technology

In the era of big data, the deep application of a new generation of information technology characterized by intelligent terminals and high-end chips has become an important engine for industrial change, promoting a green, intelligent and efficient technological revolution. Diversified new entrepreneurial models such as enterprise innovation and living laboratories and manufacturing laboratories such as BASF and Bayer companies continue to emerge, deriving a large number of new technologies, new processes and new equipment, accelerating industrial transformation and the breeding, transformation and application of high and new technologies, promoting the "fission" development of scientific and technological small and micro enterprises, and supporting the development of instrumentation industry with practical actions

we also agree that "good instruments are used". Innovation requires not only scientific and technological research and development, but also the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces. In the face of the considerable gap between the R & D capacity of Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises, promoting the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements has become a key link to strengthen the close integration of science and technology with the economy, promoting the integration of R & D and production of scientific research instruments, and encouraging scientific research instrument production enterprises Universities and scientific research institutions should adopt the position of multi-party grounding installation, which should facilitate the connection type to carry out technical cooperation and speed up the transformation of scientific research and technology achievements

in the face of the booming procurement market of instruments, major scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions should be more realistic. They should not use high indicators as a reason to choose imports, and should give more encouragement and support to domestic brands. It is commendable that the list of 1812 innovative capital enterprises in Shanghai was publicized, and instrument enterprises came out first. On the contrary, with the help of many favorable policies, instrument and meter enterprises should always focus on the new changes in market development, respond to the development needs of emerging fields, increase scientific research investment, promote the industrialization and technological upgrading of scientific research instruments with the help of various national support policies, and strive to overcome the "problem" of long-term dependence on imported brands for medium and high-end products. Innovation holds the core competitiveness of the market, and truly realizes the all-round shaping of self strength to match the "high" brand marketing

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