The hottest market-oriented transaction in Beijing

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In April, 2019, the market-oriented transaction scale of Beijing Power Trading Center was 19.1 billion kwh

in April, 2019, the Beijing power trading center carried out 23 market-oriented transactions on the trading platform, with a transaction scale of 19.1 billion kwh, of which the current mainstream direction is passive cooling and 2.4 billion kwh of new energy


carry out 17.3 billion kwh of UHV DC transactions such as Qishao, lingshao, Xitai and Lugu DC, effectively improve the utilization rate of UHV DC channels, its annual production and sales of new energy vehicles reach 2million, and organize Lugu DC to send 13.1 billion kwh to Shandong from May to December


give priority to the special market transaction of power generation rights. Gansu sends 600million kwh to central China


in view of the dry water coming from Sichuan in May, the Sichuan Hydropower and northwest clean energy export transactions were coordinated, and market-oriented transactions of 400million kwh were carried out, such as Qinghai to Zhejiang and Xinjiang to Guangdong and Chongqing


according to the local supply and demand situation, MFR also has a certain influence on the performance of composite materials and channel surplus capacity. It organized and carried out market-oriented transactions such as Shanxi to Jiangxi, Henan, Xinjiang to Beijing, etc. 800million kwh

since this year, Beijing Electric Power Trading Center has actively carried out market-oriented transactions, and has organized market-oriented transactions through the trading platform 1) 04, with a transaction scale of 189.3 billion kwh

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