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The marketing revolution in the Internet era

Internet marketing, which itself is ambiguous, is now becoming 3 Dual report: a hot topic of fully open user reports. Under the financial crisis, many manufacturers who used to only do foreign trade began to expand their domestic market with the help of Internet. The rapid rise of B2C, the hot sales of Alibaba's domestic trading products and Baidu's paid search products all show such clues

At the same time, Taobao, a domestic e-commerce company under Alibaba, also launched a new strategy called "big Taobao" and began to test offline sales. Traditional business has been broken. On the one hand, Taobao actively expands offline channels; On the other hand, manufacturers are also actively exploring sales channels on the Internet. These two seemingly contradictory directions actually have a common theme, that is, a new marketing revolution, which is a revolutionary step for both the traditional mode of communication and sales or brand building

the ambition of big Taobao strategy

Taobao began to build physical stores, which seems to be a quite strange thing. Whether it is the physical store "Tao1 station" authorized by Taobao brand or the "Taobao city" built by them, in fact, these are important steps for Jack Ma to promote Taobao to achieve the hegemony of retail channels

it is difficult to speculate when Ma Yun's strategic idea began, but it is not difficult to see that Ma Yun has always liked to compare the turnover of Taobao with that of Wal Mart. It seems that Taobao does not regard eBay as a real competitor, and Taobao is far better than eBay in terms of strategic ability and innovation ability. EBay's evaluation of Taobao Mall is "it will increase costs"

the difference in this way of looking at problems lies in whether they regard themselves as "Internet enterprises". There is no doubt that eBay took this for granted before, but Taobao seems to have seen the further vision of C2C. C2C channel has become one of the important sales channels of enterprises, and in the future, it can almost be concluded that it will become the mainstream sales channel. But maybe C2C is not a very appropriate word. In fact, Taobao has been a mixed model of B2C and C2C since the first day, which seems to be more appropriately defined by "Internet retail channels". Optimal price

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