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Marks & Spencer (m&s) launched a new laser printing technology to replace the paper label of fruit

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core tip: Marks & Spencer (m&s) launched a new exciting printing method to mark avocado, hoping to reduce paper waste. The UK retailer said it could save 10 tons of labels & backing paper and 5 tons of adhesives per year by switching from paper sticky labels to laser printing

[China Packaging News] marks Spencer (MS) has introduced a new laser printing method to mark avocado, hoping to reduce paper waste

the British retailer said that switching from paper sticky labels to laser printing could save 10 tons of label backing paper and 5 tons of adhesives per year

laser printing will print MS logo, best eating date, country of origin and cashier code on the outer layer of avocado

m s claims that strong light hitting the fruit peel will only make the outermost peel fall off and fade, which is not destructive to the fruit, and the operation can be very accurate

Charlottecurtis, a fruit technology expert with

m s, said, "A few years ago, when we first saw this technology in Sweden, I knew we would definitely use it. We have been paying attention to this technology and are glad to finally realize its application in avocado. Sustainable development is the core of our business, and laser labels are a wonderful way for us to reduce packaging waste and energy consumption. People are willing to use new degradable materials with slightly higher prices to protect the environment."

avocado is harvested in the country of origin after optical fiber cable, metal foil, fiber thread and plastic film, which are difficult to measure by conventional extensometer, are graded according to their sources, and then transported to the UK. After arriving, the ripe avocado is put into the tray and sent to the belt, and then the information is marked by the laser machine

m s tried a similar labeling method on citrus fruits a few years ago, but it used different techniques, but it finally stopped using because of the deterioration of peel quality caused by it

Curtis said, "in view of the success of all the practices on avocado, we can extend this laser labeling technology to a variety of other fruits and vegetables. We will have the opportunity to reduce the waste of product packaging at an exponential rate with the lithium Nevada project in Nevada, USA, which is very exciting."

in recent years, avocado sales in Britain have increased. Last year, the sales volume of MS avocado was 12million pounds, an increase of 29% year-on-year

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