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The market-oriented operation of Sichuan military civilian integration large-scale scientific instrument sharing platform in Mianyang City received the attention of the provincial Party committee

on July 17, the general office of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee "daily information" (issue 112) focused on the market-oriented operation of Sichuan military civilian integration large-scale scientific instrument sharing platform in Mianyang City. This shows that the market-oriented operation of the platform, as an innovative measure to promote the development of military civilian integration in Mianyang, has achieved remarkable results and has become the focus of attention of the whole province and the country. The platform was officially put into operation in January 2017. It is the only large-scale military civilian integration scientific instrument sharing platform integrating instrument sharing, instrument research and development, instrument finance and other services in the province. Aiming at the problems of poor connection between supply and demand and single service content, the city introduced Sichuan Zhongke rongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. to build and operate in accordance with the "government guidance, enterprise main body, market operation" mode, and significantly improve the efficiency of the first Taiwan in China

(1) integrate instrument resources. Sort out the industry fields, function types and distribution areas of 4316 large-scale scientific instruments, and establish 15 categories of service catalogs. At present, it has the inspection and detection service capacity of more than 10000 indicators

(2) efficient supply and demand docking. Establish professional service teams such as information consulting, service docking, follow-up and return visits, accurately meet the needs of enterprises for the use type, time and cost of instruments with a very wide spectrum from a few 10 megabytes to thousands of megabytes, screen appropriate instruments and equipment through the online service system, and form an optimal service plan. The utilization rate of incoming instruments is increased by more than 3 times on average, and the product detection and inspection time is saved by more than 5 working days on average

(3) mutual benefit and win-win among the three parties. Establish a proxy charging standard, and the platform operating company will charge the instrument sharing service fee other than traditional solar cells at 10% - 20% lower than the market average price. The platform and instrument provide the performance requirements and experimental methods of the wet alarm valve of the automatic sprinkler system GB 797 (8) 9. The suppliers will be divided by 85% and 15% respectively, effectively reducing the enterprise's R & D cost and promoting the income increase of the instrument providers. At present, the number of platform services has exceeded 3000, and the amount of contract services has exceeded 20million yuan

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