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On December 13, the upstream and downstream situation of PTA, MEG and polyester chip market did not improve. Today, the internal and external market of PTA remained deadlocked. In the internal spot market, today, the general spot cash ship board delivery quotation remains at about yuan/ton, the buyer's mainstream counter-offer price is about 6800 yuan/ton, and the market mainstream transaction price is concentrated at about 6850 yuan/ton; Today, the external market is also gradually stable. In addition, the spot price of general cargo of PTA between Taiwan and South Korea is 845 dollars/ton CIF China l/c90 days, the mainstream transaction price is maintained at 840 dollars/ton CIF China l/c90 days, and the mainstream transaction price of PTA in Southeast Asia is 835 dollars/ton CIF China l/c90 days. In terms of trading, PTA's internal and external markets are sluggish today, with a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market

in the futures market, Zheng pta803 contract opened at 7390 points today, with an intraday high of 7422 points and a low of 7334 points, and closed at 7356 points, down 18 points from the previous trading day. The trading volume decreased by 8040 hands to 42520 hands, and the position increased by 1182 hands to 49354 hands. From the disk observation, Zheng pta803 contract opened at 7390 points today, and the futures price basically showed a volatile downward trend throughout the day, but the range has converged, the transaction is still relatively active, and the closing decline is not large. Zheng pta803 contract continued to maintain a low level of volatility today, although the futures price still fell, but the range was small. Due to the poor market fundamentals at present and the unlikely possibility of recent changes, as well as the obvious signs of its departure in the process of mutual exchange of solar radiation heat transfer, it is expected that the possible rebound in technology will also be relatively fragile. From an operational point of view, the direction of short-term futures is unclear, so we can wait and see appropriately, but the overall thinking of being short should still be maintained

in terms of port arrival, as of December 13, within the scope of the author's knowledge, the PTA arrival volume (including the forecast volume) of Zhangjiagang Wharf in December 2007 was about 14200 tons. For example, 4012 tons of PTA arrived in Zhangjiagang on December 13, with the ship name of Jinmin River 16, and the source of goods from Panama and Surun Berth 1 Due to the sluggish market. On the whole, the import supply of PTA has shown a significant downward trend recently

in the PX market of raw materials, the price of PX market in Asia was stable on Wednesday, with FOB Korea closing at USD/ton and CFR China closing at USD/ton. In January, 5000 tons of PX delivered goods were discussed in USD/ton CFR Taiwan/Ningbo. Traders are more interested in contract supply in 2008 than spot supply. The contract negotiation for next year is progressing slowly, and there are great differences between buyers and sellers

in terms of contract goods for external shipment, since the contract price of goods in November was stable at 1080 US dollars/ton (CFR Asia), PTA suppliers insisted on the contract price of 870 US dollars/ton, but the downstream polyester factories still seemed to be somewhat resistant to this price, and their implementation enthusiasm was not high. Only a few polyester factories issued letters of credit at this price level

in the internal contract goods market, Sinopec's PTA contract customers' arrival settlement price in October was 7550 yuan/ton, and the quotation in November was 7550 yuan/ton; Xianglu stone used special construction funds to settle the price of 7550 yuan/ton in October and 7650 yuan/ton in November. BP Zhuhai paid 7550 yuan/ton in October. The PTA settlement price of Hualian Sanxin is 7500 yuan/ton, and the EPTA settlement price is 7300 yuan/ton. For the contracted goods, the PTA contract price of BP11 is tentatively set at 870 US dollars/ton CFR China, which is 10 US dollars/ton lower than the contract price in October

Meg's internal market continued to decline today. In the internal market, the ethylene glycol market in Zhangjiagang was flat at the opening today, and the sellers did not offer much for large orders. Individual sellers offered yuan/ton, and the purchase intention of downstream factories was low. The negotiation price was about yuan/ton, and the negotiation was cold; Traders offer 13100 yuan/ton for small and medium-sized orders, and the actual negotiation price is about 13000 yuan/ton. The inquiry of buyers is limited, the actual negotiation is flat, and the transaction is not much. In the afternoon, the MEG market in Zhangjiagang fell, and the seller's offer price is 12800 yuan/ton, the negotiation price of large orders is yuan/ton, and the quotation price of small orders is 13000 yuan/ton. The actual negotiation is slightly lower than 13000 yuan/ton, the negotiation is flat, and the transaction is not much; Today, the ethylene glycol market in Ningbo is cold, and there are not many large order quotations. In the afternoon, some sellers' large order quotations are at the level of 12800 yuan/ton. The inquiry price of downstream factories is 12600 yuan/ton, and the actual negotiated price is about 12700 yuan/ton. The quotation of the small order is 13000 yuan/ton, and the negotiation is at the level of yuan/ton, but the negotiation is flat and the transaction is limited. This week, the ethylene glycol quotation of polyester raw material Traders Association in East China was 13750 yuan/ton, 750 yuan/ton lower than that of last week

today, the opening market of ethylene glycol market in Asia was depressed, the sellers' offer was scarce, the internal price fell, and the buyer's inquiry was cold. The offer price of some ships in January was $1580/ton CFR China l/c90 days, the buyer's offer was scarce, and the negotiation intention price was $1/ton CFR. No confirmatory transaction news was heard. At noon, the ethylene glycol market in Asia continued to decline, and the sellers' offer was limited. Some sellers made an offer for the shipment in January at US $1560/ton CFR China l/c90 days. However, due to the large decline in the internal offer, buyers' purchase interest was low, and there was no confirmed transaction news. In the afternoon, the firm offer price of a bonded spot was 1550 US dollars/ton, and the negotiated price of cargo fell to about 1540 US dollars/ton CFR

in terms of port arrival, as of December 13, within the author's knowledge, the MEG arrival volume (including forecast volume) at Zhangjiagang wharf was about 26000 tons

in terms of contract goods, shell announced the proposed contract price of ethylene glycol in the Asian market in January 2008, which was $1630/ton CFR Asia, up $40/ton from the quotation in December 2007. On December 10, meglobal announced the contract price of ethylene glycol in the Asian market in January 2008, which was $1590/ton CFR Asia, the same as the price of last month. Sabic2008 January Asian MEG contract advocacy price was introduced on December 12, implementing $1590/ton CFR, which was the same as last month's price

in terms of domestic manufacturers' dynamics, today, the ex factory price of Maoming Petrochemical MEG is 13500 yuan/ton, Fushun Petrochemical MEG is 13320 yuan/ton, the ex factory price of North China is 13120 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of East China market is 12920 yuan/ton. The ex factory price of Jilin Petrochemical MEG is 13320 yuan/ton, the price of outward shipment to North China is 13120 yuan/ton, the price of outward shipment to East China market is 12920 yuan/ton, and the price of outward shipment to East China market is 12820 yuan/ton. Beijing Orient executes 13600 yuan/ton. Yanshan Petrochemical Ethylene Glycol spot ex factory price is 13500 yuan/ton. Shanghai Petrochemical Ethylene Glycol spot ex factory price is 13500 yuan/ton. The ex factory price of ethylene glycol of Dushanzi Petrochemical is 15500 yuan/ton in Xinjiang, 15100 yuan/ton in Northwest China, and 14900 yuan/ton in southwest and North China. At present, the company's supply is tight, mainly based on mutual supply, and there are few shipments outside Xinjiang. The listing price of ethylene glycol of Sinopec Chemical sales branch in December was 14600 yuan/ton, and the short haul delivery was accepted in three months, and the settlement price in November was 14600 yuan/ton

today, the market price of Jiangsu and Zhejiang semi gloss slices continued to fall, and the mainstream quotation fell to 11200-11350 yuan/ton (cash acceptance); The mainstream transaction is around 11100 yuan/ton (cash). In addition, the load of cationic chip enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has also been significantly reduced. The mainstream transaction price has fallen to around 12000 yuan/ton (acceptance), while dayouguang's market is still poor, and the phenomenon of price concessions is relatively serious. Now the mainstream quotation is 11300 yuan/ton (acceptance in March)

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