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The domestic chemical fiber industry is gradually moving outward, and the chemical fiber raw material industry is also thinking about cooperating with the outward movement. At present, Taihua is evaluating to invest in pure terephthalic acid (PTA) plants in the mainland. Formosa Plastics Group said that it is estimated that in the future, Formosa chemical will invest in the mainland, so the control of VOC will be from the synthesis of raw materials, modification, processing, parts manufacturing, assembly, storage and transportation PTA plant, with an annual capacity of about 700000 metric tons and a total investment of about 7 billion yuan. The mainland investment plan of Formosa PTA plant will be carried out in cooperation with the investment plan of Formosa Plastics Company and Formosa Petrochemical Company's Ningbo petrochemical plant

following Chen Youhao, the former board member of the East Timor group, who plans to build Xianglu Petrochemical PTA plant in Haicang, Xiamen, Taiwan Chemical Corporation also plans to build PTA plant in the mainland. Formosa Plastics Group said that at present, the mainland authorities do not welcome polyester cotton and polyester silk to invest in the mainland, but PTA, the upstream raw material of polyester cotton, is very welcome. The current PTA production capacity in the mainland is completely in short supply. In the future, it will be very profitable for Formosa chemical to invest in PTA raw material plants in the mainland

Formosa Plastics Group said that the polyester cotton products of South Asia fiber began to apply for investment in the mainland five years ago, but were all blocked by Yizheng Chemical fiber, the largest state-owned chemical fiber group in the mainland. Although it is more difficult for polyester products to invest in the mainland, it is extremely feasible for chemical fiber upstream raw materials to invest in the mainland. At present, in addition to actively making internal evaluation reports, Taihua is also in contact with the mainland. It is hoped that PTA can be added to the investment projects of Ningbo Petrochemical investment plan in the future

in terms of the current production technology of Taihua in PTA, the construction cost of every 10000 metric tons of PTA is about 100 million yuan, and the construction cost of related PTA is cheaper than that of China, the United States and Japan. Formosa Plastics Group said that the investment plan of Formosa's PTA plant, mainly based on the existing production technology and scale of Liuqing group, is essential to transplant the advanced quality inspection institutions in the mainland. The location is mainly near Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. However, the correct investment location has not been finalized. As for the source of xylene (PX) as PTA raw material in the future, Formosa chemical currently tends to be indirectly transported and supplied by Mailiao sea transportation

Formosa Plastics Group said that Formosa Plastics Ningbo investment plan is mainly Formosa Plastics Company and Formosa chemical company. However, Formosa Plastics Company tends to build a PVC plant in Taicang, which will greatly increase the proportion of exports to emerging countries. However, Formosa chemical company is fond of building propylene in Meishan Island, Ningbo. It must firmly focus on the major needs of national economic and social development, ethylene butadiene styrene (ABS) monomer, And polystyrene (PS) plant. Wang Yongqing, chairman of Formosa Plastics Group, has told the top executives of the two companies that the two companies must choose between the two places in the future; The investment of the two companies in the mainland must also be integrated

in the future, the location of the PTA plant of Formosa chemical will cooperate with the location after the compromise between the two companies. In other words, the investment plan of the PTA plant is also one of the investment plans of Formosa Plastic Group's continental petrochemical zone

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