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V1 like fixtures can't meet the requirements. Former Chinese employees of alspar are charged with the felony of stealing trade secrets

former Chinese employees of Valspar are charged with the felony of stealing trade secrets

April 1, 2009

[China paint information] Li Daiwei, a former Chinese employee of the famous Valspar paint company (Da "the size of nails or needles is thousands of times that of carbon fiber VI draws on the strengths of others D yen Lee, transliteration) On the 27th, he was charged by federal prosecutors in Chicago with the felony of stealing trade secrets. David Lee, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Taiwan, was arrested at his Arlington Heights home in Illinois on the 26th because the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) found a computer thumb drive holding Valspar data in his luggage. He was going to take a plane to Shanghai. David Lee appeared in federal court in Chicago on the 27th

52 year old David Lee was charged with a felony of stealing trade secrets, and the judge ordered him not to be released on bail because the prosecutor believed that he had a high risk of abscond. Once convicted, he will face 10 years in prison and a fine of 250000 yuan. Court documents pointed out that the personnel of Valspar company found that files had been deleted in the notebook computer and blackberry returned by David Lee after his resignation, indicating that he had cleaned up computer records; Hidden files, including unauthorized software programs, were also found in notebook computers. In addition, the company's personnel found that information, including the company's long-standing industrial extension secrets, had also been downloaded privately. After receiving the report, the FBI immediately launched an investigation

According to the FBI, David Li once served as the technical director of new products at Valspar branch in Wheeling, Illinois. He recently went on a business trip to China, resigned after returning to the United States, and arranged work related to the paint and coating industry in China. David Lee is currently detained in the metropolitan detention center of Illinois, and the judge is scheduled to hold a bail hearing on April 2

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