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Formosa Plastics Group's plastic raw material market is gradually taking root in the mainland

in recent years, Formosa Plastics Group has taken root in the mainland plastic raw material market on a large scale, mainly because it is optimistic about the market demand of mainland plastic raw material processing workshops. The total investment of Formosa Plastics and Formosa Chemicals under the enterprise is nearly US $300million, and they are concentrated in Ningbo Beilun special economic and technological zone to establish the second largest overseas base after the United States

the board of directors of Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. approved to invest in a polypropylene (PP) production plant with an annual output of 300000 metric tons in the mainland on the 13th, with a total export amount of US $18.9 million. The head of Formosa Plastics said that the investment case would be submitted to the Investment Review Committee for review within this week, and the investment action would not start until it was approved

most of the propylene sources of the plant will be sourced from Formosa Plastics Mailiao. Due to its close relationship with people's lives, propylene produced by Liuqing Light Industry Co., Ltd. will be transported and replenished by Formosa Plastics marine chemical ships, and the insufficient part will be purchased from the spot market

Formosa Plastics PP plant will be located in the Beilun special economic and Technological Zone in Ningbo, the mainland. Prior to this, Formosa Plastics had PVC and acrylate (according to AE's downstream manufacturers) production plants in Ningbo Beilun technology special zone in the mainland. If PP plants were included, the total export amount was $114.7 million, accounting for 8.48% of the total paid in capital

Formosa Plastics' petrochemical plant located in Ningbo Beilun technology special zone has PVC production plant and AE production plant invested by Formosa Plastics, and Formosa's Propylene butadiene styrene copolymer (ABS), polystyrene (PS), pure terephthalic acid (PTA) production plant and a thermal power plant

Formosa Plastics software only disposes of these brief raw data. In the fourth quarter of last year, it applied to the investment review committee to invest US $49million in Ningbo Beilun special economic and technological zone to set up an AE production plant with an annual output of 300000 metric tons as the raw material of special coatings. The case was approved by the trial committee at the end of July, and now it is actively entering the stage of actual plant construction

after the Taihua mainland PS production plant is approved for investment at the end of July, Ningbo Beilun will be the centralized production place of styrene derivatives of Taihua

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