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Formosa Plastics' new ethylene plant in Texas has been shut down.

insiders said on Friday that Formosa Plastics' new 1.6 billion pounds/year in Texas can be accurately realized. Therefore, manufacturers will basically not choose to extend the service life of the machine. The ethylene plant has been shut down for more than a week, which means "wonderful competition". The device started at the end of June, and stopped in mid July due to some small mechanical failures. Formosa Plastics originally planned to shut down another old 1.6 billion pound/year ethylene plant at point comfort for six weeks in early July. Due to the unexpected shutdown of the new plant, it had to be postponed to September. The company said that in the case of sluggish demand in the ethylene market, parking will have an impact on the supply of ethylene market. Most buyers will not enter the spot market because the minimum purchase quota in July has not been determined

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