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Analysis of China's construction machinery remanufacturing market in 2016

at present, the global sales of new equipment has entered an era of low profits, and many well-known equipment manufacturing enterprises in the world have shifted their profit space to the post market. At present, the global sales of new equipment has entered a low profit era, and many well-known equipment manufacturing enterprises in the world have shifted their profit space to the post market

at present, the global sales of new equipment has entered an era of low profits, and many well-known equipment manufacturing enterprises in the world have shifted their profit space to the post market. The post market mainly refers to the extended service of equipment, in which second-hand equipment accounts for a large proportion, and China's second-hand users are likely to be the basic customer group in the development of the remanufacturing industry of construction machinery. The proportion, quantity and variety of automotive aluminum materials in the exhibits exhibited this year have increased significantly compared with the past, and the remanufacture of engineering machinery will also provide the source power for the rapid development of the second-hand market, The two-way flow of construction machinery Erhe remanufactured products in domestic and foreign markets will become the development direction

according to the data, the loss caused by the shutdown of equipment due to wear and corrosion in China's industrial industry every year and the reported waste from nearly a thousand well-known educational instrument and equipment production and sales enterprises at home and abroad accounted for about 10% of the annual GDP, and the loss was as high as 100 billion yuan. At the same time, the huge waste of resources will undoubtedly cause unpredictable damage to the ecological environment, which also provides a broad market space for the fledgling remanufacturing industry. If the remanufacturing market can be fully separated, the proved reserves will become another broad market for construction machinery in the measurement range required by the digital disk on the rotary track. It is not difficult to understand that some people call the remanufacturing industry the excavation of urban gold mine

industry experts believe that China's construction machinery market has reached a considerable scale, so after digesting excess capacity and adjusting the industrial structure, the safety model of China's industry is being opened, and China needs to form a circular model plan and speed up its implementation

the remanufacturing industry in China started late, but developed rapidly, and has become a new driving force for economic growth. Industry experts believe that with the change of consumer attitudes and the further improvement of national encouragement, guidance and support policies, the remanufacturing industry will account for a larger share in the field of manufacturing in China. Developing remanufacturing industry is one of the main ways to realize circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction and sustainable development. According to statistics, no matter energy or materials, the consumption of remanufacturing a part is only 20% to 30% of that of producing a new product

China's remanufacturing industry has developed for more than 10 years. On the basis of practice, we have gradually explored and formed a remanufacturing model with Chinese characteristics, which is supported by high-tech, combined with industry, University and research, and is both circular and economical. The remanufacturing mode with Chinese characteristics pays attention to the combination of basic research and engineering practice, innovates and develops the key remanufacturing technologies with Chinese characteristics, constructs the remanufacturing quality control system of waste products, ensures the performance, quality and reliability of remanufactured products, pays attention to the integration of enterprise needs and scientific construction, improves the core competitiveness of enterprises and laboratories, pays attention to the consideration of social and economic benefits, and promotes the construction of national circular economy

compared with European and American countries, China's remanufacturing industry started late, but it has great potential for development in the future. Luo Jianfu, vice president of China Materials Recycling Association, said that the main factor restricting the remanufacturing industry is the concept of consumers. Many Chinese consumers do not have a good understanding of recycled products. They would rather spend more money on new products than accept remanufactured products with high quality and low price. However, China has a large population and limited resources, and renewable resources are a great supplement

the system needs to be improved, and there is a long way to go for development.

at present, there are still many people in China who have doubts about remanufactured products. Because most of the parts used are recycled parts that are used after processing, remanufactured machines are confused with refurbished machines and second-class machines. In fact, this is not the case. More than 60% - 75% of the materials of remanufactured products are reused after repair or without repair. Remanufactured enterprises have created a new product through their own creative labor. This new product is not a simple recovery or replication of recycled waste machinery. However, due to the reuse of some reusable parts, especially some basic parts, remanufactured products must have many similarities with recycled products

while promoting remanufacture, some enterprises cannot meet the requirements of remanufactured products simply because of immature technology or poor understanding of remanufacture, which makes users have great doubts about the quality of remanufactured products. One of the basic requirements of real remanufacturing is that the performance and quality of remanufactured products are not lower than that of new prototype products. Many people doubt whether this requirement can be met. For this, some remanufacturing experts in the industry fully recognize its possibility. Remanufacturing experts also said that remanufacturing enterprises' understanding that remanufactured products are new products, not repair products, not second-hand products, cannot simply require users to admit that they are new products, so as to actively buy, but to admit that this understanding is also a constraint on remanufacturing enterprises, and that new products are truly remanufactured when their product performance and quality reach or even exceed the prototype. At the same time, we should continue to strengthen technological research and development. Due to technological constraints, the cost of remanufactured products in China is still high, which is also an important factor hindering their sales

integrate multi-party support, and the market prospect is unlimited.

in order to promote remanufacturing projects, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other ministries jointly issued a document in July 2013 to carry out the pilot work of remanufactured products in exchange for remanufactured products. After two years, a series of specific implementation plans, such as the long-awaited trade in and re promotion of enterprises, products and prices, finally surfaced. In December last year, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the notice on further improving the pilot and demonstration work of remanufacture of mechanical and electrical products, which means that the pilot work of remanufacture of mechanical and electrical products, which has been stagnant for five years, is put on the agenda again

on June 11, the notice on the acceptance results of the application for the recognition of remanufactured products was issued, which said that the remanufactured products of 19 units including Beijing CSR times locomotive and Rolling Stock Machinery Co., Ltd. passed the recognition. Temporary workers and Xiamen workers are among them. "Made in China 2025" comprehensively promotes green manufacturing, clarifies the status of parts remanufacturing, and is of great significance to the development of the industry. The remanufacturing industry is market-oriented. It is an emerging industry, a manufacturing industry with recycling and low-carbon emission reduction. In the context of the new policy, for remanufacturing enterprises, the future is very broad

employees from enterprises, governments and society work together to promote the development of the remanufacture industry. At present, although the remanufacture standards, including the remanufacture standards of construction machinery, are being drafted by institutions, the national standards and industry standards of some remanufacture products of construction machinery are still relatively lacking, as are local standards and enterprise standards. In this regard, enterprises that intend to invest in the remanufacture of construction machinery should pay close attention to drafting enterprise standards for remanufactured products produced by themselves, and put them on record in the provincial standard management unit. They can also be upgraded to local standards, industry standards, and even national standards through approval procedures

according to statistics, China's construction machinery market has reached more than 6million units. Construction machinery enterprises should make full use of remanufacture to better digest obsolete equipment and make it a benign circular economy model, so that the remanufacture industry can truly make greater contributions to the development of China's construction machinery industry

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