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Formlabs launched a new 3D printing resin material

formlabs in the United States recently announced that the company is about to launch two types of resin printing materials, one is flexible, the other is castable. It is reported that these two resin materials are specially made for its 3D printers form1 and form1

The finished products printed by sla3d printer have high quality and great advantages in displaying details. However, this molding technology has its inherent limitations. On the one hand, there is a lack of printing materials that can be used as SLA models. On the other hand, photosensitive resin materials show relatively brittle weaknesses in the process of use, and cannot withstand years of wear and tear. These two materials launched by formlabs not only break the limitation of printing material shortage that customers require us to keep up with the lack of supply, but also change the fragile weakness to a certain extent

formlabs' castable material retains the characteristics of many previous resin material display details. "Through the direct overall adoption of composite material points in the design, it is specially made for investment casting, and can be used in jewelry production, metal objects, metal processing and engineering applications. Flexible resin released the commemorative activity plan for the Sino Mongolia friendship exchange year by the Ministry of foreign affairs this year." In the field of humanities activities alone, there are 22 materials with relatively flexible quality, and their printed products have quite high softness, which can be applied to the production of parts requiring high flexibility

the introduction of flexible and castable materials has increased the limited printable materials, and the improvement in performance has also opened up a wider application space for sla3d printers in more industries, breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises on China's c/c composite brake sub segment market; And has obtained the PMA certificate of Airbus 320 Series c/c composite aircraft brake pair

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