The hottest forming nylon 6 resin and sheet

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Thermoformed nylon 6 resin and sheet

nylon 6 has good engineering properties, but it is not suitable for thermoforming due to its poor melt strength. This defect was improved by Bayer Group with a new 15% glass reinforced nylon 6 with improved impact performance. It is said that Durethan dp/15zh2.0 has formability and significant hardness/impact balance. It has high heat resistance at 140 ℃ (continuous use) and 170 ℃ (product details of static steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine. The steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine is sensitive and easy to operate in a short term). Its thermoformed products are the main competitors in the increasingly wide field of utilization of composite materials for automobile hood, underbody, side plate and sound insulation plate

Germany sustaplast kg and its subsidiary susatec produced 2 ~ 6mm thick black sheets with this new resin. Sustaplast said that its sustavacu PA 6 sheet was well formed, which was verified by German machine manufacturer adold Illig maschinenbau GmbH. Illi aerospace environment reliability experiment and testing center can not only conduct experiments but also produce vibration test bench. Sven Engelmann, an application engineer, said that in addition to the simple process and high mechanical properties, the accuracy of its parts replacement and attractive surface quality have convinced us

the above products have high scientific and technological content

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