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Forrester survey: 7. A large number of unqualified personnel are used to perfunctory factory inspection procedures. 0% of European and American enterprises will switch to the mixed office mode of long-distance and staggered home

forrester predicts that in the post epidemic era, European and American enterprises will switch to the mixed office mode, and employees do not want to be tied up in the office five days a week

with the launch of the vaccine, the covid-19 epidemic in European and American countries is gradually stable, and enterprises also begin to resume the return of some employees to work in the company. However, Forrester, a market research institution, predicts that even so, in the post covid-19 era, up to 70% of European and American enterprises will turn to the hybrid office mode of long-distance and company work. Another survey shows that 90% of employees don't want to stay in the company all day

Forrester points out that in the mixed office mode, some employees can work anywhere at least two days a week and work in the company on other days. Forrester Research points out that enterprises that make good use of mixed office are not only beneficial to employees, but also beneficial to the company to strengthen the centripetal force of employees and reduce the turnover rate. 3 Invoke standards

according to Forrester survey, even after the epidemic, up to 55% of American employees want to work more often at home. This is also related to employees' feelings about vaccines. According to the survey, 47% of American employees and 54% of European employees believe that the vaccine can not completely and effectively prevent the spread of covid-19 virus. Only 39% and 34% of American and European employees believed that the company had plans to provide vaccination

in addition, as many as two-thirds of employees in European and American enterprises are worried about the company's collection of personal information related to the epidemic

the epidemic has brought changes to the work style of enterprises and people's work thinking. According to a recent Citrix survey, although 58% of business executives believe that young employees want to work in the company with a small force, in fact, employees do not think so

according to Citrix survey, born digital employees born after 1980 do not want to return to the previous work style of working full-time in the company, but prefer mixed office style. In terms of breakdown, half of the employees want to spend most or all of their time at home, 18% want to spend more time in the company with high mechanical strength, and 21% prefer to share equally between the two places. Only 10% want to stay in the company for a whole day

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