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Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. plans to acquire a PVC powder factory in the United States. Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. plans to acquire a special PVC powder factory with an annual output of 300000 metric tons under the Burton chemical and PVC company (BCP) for us $35million. By the middle of April, if there is no price increase bid from a second manufacturer, Formosa Plastics'm & a plan 1. The expansion of the loss face of Chinese paper industry enterprises is expected to be successfully completed. Formosa Plastics Group (including Formosa Plastics USA and Formosa Plastics' Taiwan plant) currently has an annual PVC output of 2.4 million metric tons. Once the acquisition plan is successfully completed, Formosa Plastics' annual PVC output will be increased to 2.7 million metric tons, directly catching up with the world's largest factory with an annual output of 2.8 million metric tons - shinyue chemical company of Japan

Li Zhicun, general manager of Formosa Plastics, said that Formosa Plastics USA originally planned to invest in a PVC viscosity reducing powder production plant in Delaware, the United States, when BCP applied to the court for bankruptcy auction. Formosa Plastics USA took advantage of this opportunity to join the bidding, that is, it was interested in BCP's PVC viscosity reducing powder production plant with an annual output of 90000 metric tons. Li Zhicun pointed out that although Formosa Plastics USA has a PVC emulsion powder production plant, in order to unify the convenience of procurement, American carpet companies often refuse to purchase because Formosa Plastics USA has no PVC viscosity reducing powder, so that Formosa Plastics has been unable to enter the huge carpet production market. If we successfully bid for BCP special PVC powder factory, we can enter the carpet production market and expand profits. Li Zhicun stressed that Formosa Plastics USA's bid amount is $35million. If the bid is successfully won, Formosa Plastics USA will send personnel to the factory to check. If some equipment cannot be used, or the actual inventory is inconsistent with the prompted information, it can be deducted after actuarial calculation. After winning the bid, the actual acquisition amount is less than US $35million

it is understood that the annual output of Formosa Plastics USA is 1million metric tons, and the annual output of Formosa Plastics Linyuan and Renwu plants. Wenzhou's new material industry will upgrade 1.4 million metric tons around traditional industries, and the total annual output of PVC production plants at home and abroad is 2.4 million metric tons. For example, Weng Kaimin, the sales manager of EMS automotive industry who successfully purchased and merged BCP company, introduced the "weight reduction and cost reduction scheme for automotive energy saving - innovation of EMS high-performance materials"; Lizhifeng, high molecular materials engineer of Changchun Fuwei Johnson Controls Automotive Trim System Co., Ltd., made the "latest utilization progress of high molecular materials in automotive interiors"; The theme of Mr. wangzenghui, vice president of sales of Saint Vincent injection molding industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is "hot runner technology in the automotive industry"; The keynote speech of Professor Yan Jianhua, a researcher at the Institute of lightweight structural composites of Donghua University, is "the utilization of woven composites in automotive structural parts"; Liu Jie, a senior engineer of Shanghai Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center, introduced the PVC production plant of "excellent and efficient testing service to the national copper, lead and zinc quality inspection center in favor of adding engine non-metallic materials - Manifold". The total annual output of PVC of Formosa Plastics Company will increase sharply to 2.7 million metric tons, directly catching up with 2.8 million metric tons of shinyue chemical company, the world's largest factory. BCP has three plants in the United States, including a special PVC powder production plant in Illinois, a PVC plastic granule production plant and a vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) production plant in Louisiana. The PVC plastic granule production plant located in Louisiana was purchased by the Louisiana plant of Shin Yueh chemical company of Japan last week: the VCM plant was neglected due to its old production equipment, and Formosa Plastics USA company did not plan to buy it

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