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Formosa Plastics plans to build an acrylate factory in Ningbo

Formosa Plastics Company in Taiwan plans to invest $4.9 million to troubleshoot the testing machine. The establishment of a machine for mechanical testing of such materials in Beilun, Ningbo, Zhejiang, that is, the non renewable energy economic and technological special zone, has also been widely concerned by people with an annual output of 200000 tons of acrylate factory. For this reason, Formosa Plastics recently applied to the relevant parties

acrylate is an important organic chemical raw material. With the development of coatings, leather, adhesives, chemical fiber and textile industries, the demand for acrylate in the mainland is growing rapidly. Last year, the acrylate imported through Guangdong port alone reached 123000 tons, 3.7 times that of six years ago

Formosa Plastics estimates that the global consumption of acrylate this year is about 2.3 million tons, and the consumption of acrylate is expected to increase at a rate of 3.6% per year, reaching 3million tons in 2009

Formosa Plastics has been approved to establish acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer, terephthalic acid and PVC production plants and thermal power plants in the petrochemical zone of Beilun special economic and technological zone

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