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Formosa Plastics closed the 240000 ton/year LLDPE device

due to the market downturn, low product prices and thin profits, Formosa Plastics was forced to close the 240000 ton/year LLDPE device. The LLDPE delivered to the mainland is 450 US dollars/ton (cost and freight price), which is listed as the national strategic new microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine. Xingye special price is 440 US dollars/ton (cost and freight price), but the mainland users have to make a counter-offer to 410 US dollars/ton. The price difference between the seller and the user plus 1, jc/t992 ⑵ 006 expanded polystyrene board adhesive for wall insulation is large, and this price cannot be sold, which is far lower than the cost estimated by the company, In addition, the recent increase in the spot price of ethylene and the addition of this powder further reduced the profits of manufacturers and did not agree with the price offered by buyers

most manufacturers believe that there are many goods now, so buyers don't need to rush to order before the Spring Festival. Some people believe that because they bought goods in December, they have enough inventory and will not buy them until the new tariff rate in the mainland is implemented on January 1. This change has greatly affected the market in Asia

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