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Diversification of laser marking schemes

with the rapid development of automobile, hardware, electronics and other industries, the demand for laser marking machines has increased significantly. In the product marking industry, the popularization of laser marking machine will be a trend, and its development prospect is even more unpredictable

as a fast and clean product marking technology, laser marking is rapidly replacing the traditional old product marking technology, especially inkjet technology. With the increasing requirements of the market for product parts tracking and traceability, especially in the application fields of medical equipment, automobile and aviation, these demands are driving the exponential growth of the direct marking application of part information

the marking schemes of laser marking machine are diversified. Fiber laser marking machine can achieve high-quality and sharp contrast marking on metal and plastic materials. In addition, it can also be used for metal carving and processing a wide range of other materials. It has become one of the most commonly used laser marking technologies in the market. CO2 laser marking machine is the best choice for marking PCB, paper, leather and wood. In addition, nd:yag laser marking machine is mainly used for large-area metal marking and deep engraving applications. Each marking scheme has its own marking characteristics and the range of materials suitable for marking. When selecting, users need to choose the most appropriate laser marking scheme according to specific application needs

6. According to the purpose of the experiment, it can be divided into: performance test fatigue experiment, influence coefficient fatigue experiment, control fatigue experiment, selection fatigue experiment, verification fatigue experiment, etc.

otherwise, it is necessary to adjust the control parameters of the experimental machine at any time (i.e. the conventional P, I, D parameters). This paper, Beijing Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof technology is bound to become the trend of the supply side reform of made in China. Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Keshun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd The annual output of Wuhan ZhuoBao Technology Co., Ltd. and 4chuan Shuyang waterproof material Co., Ltd. has increased from several thousand tons to more than ten thousand tons. The copyright comes from the network, which belongs to the original author. It is only for everyone to share and learn. If the author believes that infringement is involved, please contact us, and we will delete it immediately after verification

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