Diversification of anti-counterfeiting technology

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Diversification of commodity packaging anti-counterfeiting technology

1. Ink anti-counterfeiting technology

ink anti-counterfeiting technology belongs to material chemical anti-counterfeiting technology, which uses special chemical phenomena produced by chemical substances under specific conditions such as light, electricity, water, heat, magnetism, etc. to distinguish the authenticity of commodity marks or packaging. Anti counterfeiting ink is a special printing ink made by adding special anti-counterfeiting materials into the ink binder and processing with special processes. It has the advantages of simple use, low cost and good concealment. Bright colors and convenient inspection (even the color can be changed by hand temperature). It has been widely used in ticket, product trademark and packaging and printing anti-counterfeiting. Anti counterfeiting inks can be divided into the following categories

1) UV fluorescent ink. According to the color of the ink itself, it is divided into colored fluorescent ink and five color fluorescent ink. The text printed by the former is visible to the naked eye, while the latter is not visible, but both of them need to be exposed to ultraviolet light to show fluorescence. Ultraviolet ray can be divided into long wave and short wave. At present, more ultraviolet ink is used

2) photochromic ink excited by sunlight. It is an anti-counterfeiting printing ink that can emit visible light (nm) under sunlight. On the surface, this kind of ink changes color due to the action of the sun. In essence, it changes color due to ultraviolet radiation. This kind of ink changes color under sunlight or ultraviolet light, which can change from five colors to purple, blue, yellow and other colors, or set the juice to change from colored to five colors

3) infrared anti-counterfeiting ink. Infrared anti-counterfeiting ink can be made by adding infrared absorbing substances to the ink. Because infrared ink absorbs infrared ray, if it is used in a certain part of the printed matter, it will have no reaction under sunlight, but under infrared radiation, corresponding signals or dark graphics and texts can be observed

4) photochromic ink. Photochromic ink can be made by adding photochromic or light activated compounds to the ink. The printed matter of this kind of ink presents a color under white light, turns red, blue or yellow under ultraviolet radiation, and then restores the color when exposed to white light. This process is reversible

5) heat sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink. This kind of ink changes color when heated due to the physical and chemical structure changes of liquid crystal or thermochromic compounds. After discoloration, some can be inverted. 6. At present, five of the top10 global instrument companies touch the irreversible change of diagnostic business force. The experimental machine must be worn and operated before use to ensure that there is no fault before it can be loaded for use. Generally, it is best to control the temperature between 40 ℃ -100 ℃. During detection, you can heat it with your fingers or lighted cigarette butts and hot water cups. MK ink is a kind of heat sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink, which can change four colors. It is suitable for gold card paper and metal printing. It is used for packaging and printing of high-grade tobacco and alcohol boxes. It has special decorative effect and anti-counterfeiting ability

6) pressure sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink. Microcapsules containing color changing substances and corresponding chemical reagents can be added to the ink to make pressure-sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink. Pictures and texts printed with the ink can be seen and invisible. When scraping with nails or hard objects, the color changes, which can show red, blue, black, green, purple, yellow and other colors, but cannot be recovered after color rendering

7) magnetic anti-counterfeiting ink. Magnetic substances are added to this kind of ink. The pictures and texts printed with magnetic anti-counterfeiting ink can detect the magnetic signal with the magnetic detector. With the printed password and other information, China Zhongwang has participated in the optimization design of component structure, material experiment, 2D drawing, cross-section improvement, sample vehicle trial production and other work, which can be detected with the decoder. Because the magnetic material is easy to wear, its use effect and anti-counterfeiting ability are poor

8) optical variable anti-counterfeiting ink (Ovi). Tiny multi-layer coating fragments are added to the ink, and the printed pictures and texts show different colors when viewed from different perspectives, but the copy is distorted; According to the principle of interference effect between multilayer optical films, a multilayer structure layer has its specific reflection spectrum curve. The reflection spectrum changes with the change of the incident angle, that is, with different viewing angles, there are color changes, such as golden yellow, green, brown, blue, gray and other color changes. The color changing film coated with adulteration is separated from the clump and crushed into fragments of a certain size. These small fragments still maintain the color changing function of the original song dynasty, so they are mixed into the ink, which is called light student color ink

9) anti erasure ink. The ink contains special compounds, which react with xiaoziling or other correction fluids. The amount column of the check printed with this ink will change color or show the word "invalid" in case of correction liquid

10) chemical encryption ink. Special chemicals or other substances are added to the ink. Using this kind of ink can print invisible pictures and texts invisible to the naked eye, identify the inch, and show invisible pictures and texts or produce fluorescence after coating with corresponding chemical reagent

2, packaging and printing anti-counterfeiting technology

1) packaging structure anti-counterfeiting technology

outer packaging anti-counterfeiting technology. The packaging box is made of exquisite special paper or plastic materials through special processes, which is difficult to copy. Such as hot gold paper, embossed paper, embossed paper, frosted paper and other anti-counterfeiting packaging materials. Such as one-time anti-counterfeiting sealing marks containing holograms, imitation printing, fluorescent characters, passwords, easy to pull wires, anti-counterfeiting sealing tapes, etc

inner packaging anti-counterfeiting technology. The inner packaging container can be made of unique materials, shapes, colors and hidden symbols. Among them, the sealing technology is basically the same as the outer packaging - wine and beverage packaging containers often use one-time packaging, which destroys wine bottles, such as plastic twist caps and aluminum anti-theft caps; In addition, the labyrinth bottle mouth only has anti-counterfeiting function. The anti-counterfeiting function of tobacco and alcohol packaging boxes is sufficient, which is realized by using the box cover or bottom of damaged parts, such as plug-in, plug-in, door locking, plug-in locking, swing wing continuous folding plug-in and lift pressure sealing box cover; Plug in door sealing type, tongue locking type, swing wing continuous folding and inserting type, locking type, wing locking type, automatic locking type, partition wall sealing type, partition wall white locking type, adhesive sealing type and lifting and pressing sealing type box bottom

inkjet anti-counterfeiting technology. Even some materials and additives already used in the market are not within the scope of national authorization. Code or production date are sprayed on the inner packaging, outer packaging, identification, label or the seal of packaging container with inkjet printer. There are two kinds of inkjet Codes: bright and dark. The bright code is visible to the naked eye, and the dark code can only appear under ultraviolet radiation. (to be continued)

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