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Distinguishing skills of genuine and fake machine oil

1) the identification of fake and inferior gasoline depends on the color of the oil. Authentic gasoline is light yellow, light red or orange yellow. Second, look at bubbles. Bubbles will appear after shaking, and disappear as they appear. Third, smell the authentic gasoline, which has a strong gasoline smell. Fourth, touch the oil, touch the hair with your hand, and it feels cold. Ningde period (catl) accounted for 25.8% of the market share with 328000 kwh of power battery supply. Fifth, observe the volatilization of oil, and the volatility of authentic gasoline is very strong. If the plastic materials and products in the EU market do not meet the above requirements, they may be removed from the shelves or notified of the five characteristics because they do not meet the requirements of the new regulation, which can be regarded as fake and inferior gasoline

(2) identify fake kerosene. Authentic kerosene is white or light yellow and transparent. After shaking, the bubbles disappear quickly and have a strong kerosene smell. When touching, it feels slightly smooth, and its volatility is poor. If the above characteristics are not obvious or not, it means that it is fake, such as the tensile testing machine with a stroke of 1 meter 2 Rubber material kerosene

(3) identification of fake light and heavy diesel oil authentic light diesel oil is tea yellow with blue surface and diesel smell. The bubbles generated after shaking are small and disappear quickly. It feels smooth when touching and oily after touching. The authentic heavy diesel oil is brown, slightly smelly and stinky. After shaking, the bubbles are yellow and disappear quickly. The hands feel smooth and oily after touching. Diesel oil that does not conform to the above characteristics is counterfeit diesel oil

(4) false No. 0? Identification of No. 20 diesel oil authentic diesel oil is yellow, with a flash point of more than 60 ℃; inferior diesel oil has a large carbon residue content, black color, and a flash point of only 43 ℃. At present, our country supplies agricultural diesel oil, one is o diesel oil, and the other is 20 diesel oil. The identification methods of two kinds of diesel oil are as follows:

① temperature reduction test method: put a glass tube containing a small amount of diesel oil into ice water. If it solidifies immediately, it indicates that it is not o diesel oil. If it does not solidify, it is o diesel oil. If there is no ice water, cold water can be used instead

② combustion discrimination method: use two kinds of diesel oil for combustion comparison,? No. 20 diesel has a large black smoke, and No. 0 diesel has a small black smoke

③ oil quality observation method: No. 0 diesel oil has less wax, low density and yellow color.? No. 20 diesel oil contains much wax, has high density and dark color

④ density test method: the density of 0 diesel is smaller than -20 diesel. The graphene paper with two kinds of diesel oil mixed and crumpled in a transparent container can be used to prepare supercapacitors that are easy to bend, fold or stretch to 800% of their original size. It can be seen that -20 diesel oil sinks and 0 diesel oil rises. If the identification result is different from the above situation, it indicates that it is fake o or -20 diesel oil

(5) identification of fake engine oil here mainly introduces gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil. This kind of oil has distinctive characteristics. First, the oil color and smell are special. This kind of engine oil is dark brown to blue yellow and has an acidic smell. Second, bubbles are special. After shaking, the bubbles are small and large, disappearing slowly, and the oil turns yellow after "hanging the bottle". Third, it feels special. After being dipped in water and twisted, it can be slightly emulsified and sticky, and can pull out short wires. Those that do not conform to the above characteristics are counterfeit goods

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